The information technology challenges faced by government agencies and public service providers continue to grow: security, inter-connected networks that evolved over time, and budget pressures — all amidst increasing complexity and demand for services.

OmniJoin™ web conferencing has been helping all levels of government — military, federal, state, city and county — through secure, easy to manage video conferencing and real-time communications solutions. Some of our video conferencing applications include:

  • Secure, online team meetings
  • C3 and civil defense media briefing centers
  • Online training and after-action debriefing
  • Recurring travel reduction & inter-office meetings

OmniJoin™ web and video conferencing offers several unique advantages in government applications: it helps lower costs by using off-the-shelf HD webcams and video conferencing equipment; its cloud-based technology further helps to reduce costs through elimination of expensive infrastructure equipment such as MCUs, desktop gateways, and collaboration servers, all of which are built-in the OmniJoin™ service multipoint cloud; and the OmniJoin™ service cloud is scalable, meaning it is easy to expand.