Education builds our future, yet nowhere else are budgets and resources so limited, and multiple stakeholders so demanding.

The OmniJoin™ web conferencing service helps our educational customers meet these challenges by providing web and video conferencing technology that is far more flexible, and far more affordable than room-based systems.

Today, forward-thinking educators and IT staff can take advantage of OmniJoin™ services and their existing networks — no costly infrastructure components required — to quickly and easily implement or improve e‑learning programs, virtual classrooms, online seminars, web tutoring, group counseling, remote interpreting, or any other web-based video conferencing application that brings students and teachers close together.

Personalized Learning

The increase in mobile devices, digital content, data analytics, video conferencing and other technologies has helped make personalized learning much easier to accomplish. Through the use of advanced technology, educators and students can build a strong connection and have a truly customized experience. Our education customers use OmniJoin™ web conferencing to assist in their personalized learning programs by:

  • Allowing teachers to connect with students in remote locations
  • Building closer relationships through “face-to-face” interaction
  • Increasing student engagement and achievement

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