The OmniJoin Live Contact List is a free, optional, installable add-on for OmniJoin that sits on your desktop so you can quickly and easily:

  • Get into your personal meeting room
  • Chat with individuals or groups
  • Create and manage scheduled meetings
  • View online status of other OmniJoin users
  • File transfer
  • Easily move from chat to online meeting

When used with OmniJoin™ web conferencing, you can quickly escalate from a simple chat to a full-featured online meeting with advanced collaboration tools and multiparty video. OmniJoin is the only online meeting service a company needs to connect small groups or conduct large boardroom meetings!

Get into Your Own Room FAST

Using the OmniJoin™ Live Contact List, you can get into your own online meeting room in two clicks: just launch the tray applet and click on your “Enter My Meeting Room” button.

Once in your online meeting room, you have the ability see each other on video, use VoIP or telephone audio, and take advantage of a long list of document, desktop, and advanced collaboration tools to make presentations, solve problems, and conduct routine meetings.

Create and Manage Scheduled Online Meetings

You can manage your OmniJoin™ account and all your scheduled meetings via the OmniJoin™ web interface or use the Live Contact List, it’s your choice! Live Contact List provides another, faster way to edit schedules, email templates, meeting room welcome templates, and detailed conference room properties such as automatically turning on audio and video.

Private Messaging

OmniJoin™ pop-up messages can include rich text, graphics, and attachments. Live Contact List also has a File Transfer feature for helping you and your colleaguse quickly get things done. Advanced OmniJoin™ users can take advantage of message templates and Instant Buttons to create canned messages that can be sent to entire groups at the click of a mouse.

Text Chat with Users and Groups

The Live Contact List uses the OmniJoin™ cloud to provide comprehensive, business-grade presence management and secure instant messaging features. OmniJoin™ chat sessions are an excellent way to tackle a quick topic between two co-workers or an entire team. All messaging and chat features apply to anyone on your Live Contact List, including individuals and groups that you created on your own list or groups created for you by your IT department or other co-workers.

Quickly Escalate from Text Chat to a Full-Featured Online Meeting

For those situations where the subject matter is highly visual or a more robust online meeting environment is required, it takes only a few clicks of the mouse to post your meeting room link and get everyone to join you. Now you have a full-featured, web and video conferencing venue that you and all your colleagues can click into at virtually any time regardless of physical office location.

  • *All users must have Live Contact List.