Mobile Video Conferencing


OmniJoin™ mobile web conferencing goes
wherever you need it to go!

The OmniJoin™, web conferencing mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch*, allows you to communicate and collaborate while you are on the go.

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Why Go Mobile*?

Receive a full host experience, right from your mobile device! See colleagues clearly, share and markup files, play videos instantly, and chat using one app.



  • Attendees do not need to purchase OmniJoin to attend a meeting!
  • See up to 4 video faces using our Intelligent Video HD technology, feels like face-to-face
  • Collaborate on documents, share images and videos, and chat
  • Connect to audio using Wi-Fi or dial-in on the phone
  • Easily customize your view to fit your meeting purposes
If you've already taken the first step by downloading our world-class mobile meeting app, improve your OmniJoin™ mobile experience with our useful 'Get Started' guides, available below. Choose the one appropriate to your device:

*OmniJoin Mobile App Requirements:
iPod Touch:
Internet connection:
iPhone 4S or later
iPad2 or later
5th Generation or later

Not all features of OmniJoin™ will be available while using the OmniJoin™ mobile app. NOTE: The mobile app is free to download. To HOST a meeting an active OmniJoin license is required.