OmniJoin™ web and video conferencing provides the meeting experience that businesses truly need — boardroom-quality, multi-party video, combined with smoothly synched audio. Meet online to see your colleagues clearly, share and mark-up files, and play video files virtually instantly, all with surprisingly simple desktop controls.

With our advanced technology, you can seamlessly scale from low web resolutions to multipoint, full HD 1080p, making OmniJoin web conferencing the only online meeting service a company needs for both small groups and large boardroom settings.

OmniJoin™ innovative technologies bring you the ultimate in…

Video Quality

OmniJoin™ Intelligent Video is dynamic HD* technology, responding to changes in display layout sizes and real-time bandwidth availability, ensuring all participants receive the optimal video experience under widely varying network conditions.

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Collaboration Tools

With OmniJoin™ you can share virtually anything accessible to your computer: documents and presentations, applications, and entire desktops or just a region. Plus, you get advanced collaboration tools such as whiteboarding, annotation over live applications, and even media file sharing.

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Audio Quality

Enhanced echo cancellation and multi-party VoIP allow you to truly hear and be heard, without the frustrations common in other systems. Choose from a variety of audio packages (VoIP, toll, toll free) so you can customize the audio experience during your meetings.

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OmniJoin™ web conferencing is a business-grade, secure online meeting service. All web, VoIP, and video conferencing data is transmitted over encrypted connections, end-to-end. OmniJoin™ conferencing was designed for security conscious customers, IT policy compliance, and multi-office networks.

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Recording & Cloud Storage

OmniJoin™ conferencing hosts can easily record their meetings and store them in the OmniJoin service cloud. The ‘Record & Playback’ feature can be very useful for those who could not attend your meeting, for archival purposes (e.g., to document a vendor meeting), or for online training purposes for later playback on demand.

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  • *HD video conferencing adequate bandwidth and system resource. Your bandwidth and video quality may vary. Please visit our System Requirements page for details.