Online Collaboration Tools

OmniJoin™ takes online collaboration to a whole new level, delivering full-featured web conferencing, multiparty video conferencing, and a seamless live sharing environment for easy, enjoyable online meetings. Our web collaboration software is a fast and easy way to help improve productivity and communication for your global business.

With OmniJoin™ you can share virtually anything accessible to your computer: documents and presentations, applications, and entire desktops or just a region. Plus, you get advanced web collaboration tools such as whiteboarding, annotation over live applications, and even media file sharing. You can play a product demonstration movie or training film during your online meeting — you can even talk over it while it is playing. Everyone enjoys a “synchronous” experience, seeing everything at the same time.
It’s surprisingly easy! Once you're in your meeting, click on the Share menu and the sharing tool ribbon will appear. The most frequently used features appear to the left with larger tool buttons; the others are to the right. Just point and click to share anything you like.

& Playback

OmniJoin™ meeting hosts can easily record and share their meetings. The Record & Playback feature can be very useful for people who could not attend your meeting, for archival purposes, or for online training and playback on demand.
The recording output is an MP4 file, a common industry standard file format that can easily be edited using a wide variety of multimedia editing tools. With OmniJoin™ recordings, you are not burdened with manual conversion steps or stuck with proprietary file formats.

OmniJoin™ meeting hosts also enjoy cloud-based file storage. At the click of a mouse, the meeting host can elect to download files for local editing and off-line storage, or make them publicly accessible via the cloud.

Play a
Media File

You can play almost any movie that your operating system's default media player can display. This includes most Windows® and Macintosh® media files such as WMV and MP4.
Hosts can pause, play, and restart movies as needed. OmniJoin™ online collaboration tools will synchronize everyone's experience, so that everybody is seeing the same thing at the same time. For those with adequate bandwidth, the movie will display in HD quality; otherwise OmniJoin™ will automatically scale and adjust quality within available processor power and bandwidth constraints on a per connection basis. Meeting hosts need not worry that one slow connection will ruin everyone else's experience.

Save Time While You Enjoy
Good Teamwork

Being engaged and active in a project are critical components for the motivation of your employees and the competitive edge of your business. With OmniJoin™ web collaboration software, you can create a seamless exchange of ideas in a proactive team environment. Save time, money, and create a positive and collaborative workplace.

Pointing and Annotation Tools
for Presentations, Documents,
and Applications

Documents as well as PowerPoint presentations come alive with annotation. OmniJoin™ annotation can be used while whiteboarding, sharing documents and presentations, and while sharing live applications and desktop regions too. A full suite of collaborative annotation tools are provided: pencil, line, highlighter, shapes, along with a selection of styles so each attendee’s pointer can be identified.

Handouts and More —
Just Like Meeting in Person

When you go on the road and visit customers, what typically happens at the end of a meeting? Handouts of course! Now you can also distribute handouts at the beginning or end of your online meetings.

You can share presentations, documents, desktops, applications, regions, browsers, chat sessions, whiteboards, media files, and annotation tools — everything needed for productive online collaboration where real work gets done.