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Court Technology Conference

Summit Name: CTC Event site: Description: Old stereotypes die hard, and the image of the Luddite judge shackled to a paper file still exists. But anyone who interacts with judges on a regular basis knows that is not the case. Most judges are likely to have a smart phone, tablet, or both. They communicate via Skype, text, and email, and they bank, shop, and plan travel using a number of different technology solutions. It is a natural progression for them to expect advances in the tools and technology in the workplace. While sophisticated case management systems have been commonplace in courts nationwide for several decades, these systems have largely overlooked opportunities to improve workflow processes for judges. There is growing demand from judges who want more than simple access to electronic case files and documents. They need tools that support decision making and caseload management. This educational track will explore technology tools that can assist judges in making the transition from paper case files to an electronic bench. This track explores both vendor and in-house developed solutions in courts with varying degrees of technical maturity. You will gain behind-the-scenes insights and lessons learned from practitioners and experts who have implemented these solutions for judges and chambers staff.Visit OmniJoin at booth #720 Date: Tuesday, September 22 – Thursday, September 24, 2015 Location: The conference is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403. For more information, please contact: NCSC Conference Services or 888-609-4023


What Makes a Great Virtual Meeting?

Think about some of the most productive meetings you’ve ever had. What was key? The ease of understanding one another by meeting in person? The ability to share ideas or whiteboard brainstorming sessions? Those capabilities don’t have to disappear with video conferences and other virtual meetings—if you choose the right platform. Successful web meetings should have all of the elements that allow you to feel productive, build team relationships and move your business ahead. You just need to know what features will actually enable this type of meeting—and then find a service that offers them. For starters, look for full (1080p) HD video, which is the only way to capture all of the facial expressions and other details you’d see in an in-person meeting. “If the setting and the environment aren’t intimate—meaning that I don’t get a sense of their body language and that we’re not actually meeting almost face-to-face—it’s not a very effective or efficient meeting,” says Gary Sibley, Brother Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Arthritis Research Canada, a customer of Brother’s OmniJoin web-conferencing solution, agrees that body language is key. “As an education platform, having clear eye contact and the ability to read body language is really important. OmniJoin allows us to have that close interaction with patients remotely,” notes Pam Rogers, ARC Research Coordinator. The network you are utilizing while conducting a web meeting plays a big part in your video experience. Your web meeting solution should take this into account and optimize the video faces to ensure each attendee is receiving optimal video. This may mean some videos do not appear at 1080p, but it also means one video won’t degrade the quality for everyone else. Locking the Virtual Door Security is another top consideration when planning your online meeting strategy. Do you need a service that “locks the door” to your online meeting room? Are you sharing sensitive or proprietary data in your meetings? “Maybe you’re in finance, and because of government compliance requirements, you don’t want your employees to be able to record meetings,” Sibley says. “We’ll allow you to turn that off at the administrator level so you have the confidence that your employees are not going to put your organization at risk. “OmniJoin is encrypted end-to-end,” Sibley adds. “We can password protect at multiple layers. We have the ability not just to lock meetings, but also kick people out.” Those capabilities also help ensure compliance with industry-specific laws and best practices, such as HIPAA, SCORM and FIPS 140-2. Sharing Anything and Everything Another common difficulty is not being able to collaborate in all of the ways that participants want, such as chat, sharing desktops and whiteboards, annotating documents and playing media files at the same time. That sounds obvious, but many organizations get tripped up by choosing a collaboration solution that supports, for example, only some media file formats, or only single screen sharing. Those limitations undermine the solution’s effectiveness and ROI. When collaboration features are limited, meeting time is wasted if participants find that the solution doesn’t support the format of the video they want to play, or that they can’t annotate over live applications. A good, productive meeting can have a tremendous positive impact on business; a virtual meeting should enable you to interact with your colleagues or partners in exactly the same way as a face-to-face meeting — you just need the right web conferencing system to support you. For more information on how to put OmniJoin to work for your business, visit


CIO Manufacturing Summit

Summit Name: CIO Manufacturing Summit Event site: Description: The CIO Manufacturing Summit brings together CIOs and IT executives to discuss the changing landscape of manufacturing, as well as how technology can bolster growth opportunities within organizations. Through agenda sessions that create opportunities for in-depth conversations, attendees discuss technology topics and trends, sharing best practices, lessons learned and recent projects in an exclusive business setting. The summit is a unique opportunity to connect with peers and learn about the latest technology solutions. Date: Tuesday, August 25 – Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Location: FireSky Resort & Spa 4925 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85251 480-945-7666 For more information or to request an invitation, please contact: or +1 312.374.0805


OmniJoin Sponsoring mHealth and Teleheath World 2015

mHealth + Telehealth World 2015 OmniJoin will be a sponsor of the 2015 mHealth and Teleheath World at the Boston Seaport Hotel July 20-22. The role of technology in health care is growing year after year. Join us at mHealth + Telehealth World 2015 to learn strategies to keep up with this trend and understand the impact connected health will have on the future of health care. This Summit is a must attend for health care executives interested in learning how to most efficiently utilize mHealth and Telehealth programs to engage consumers, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs. The mHealth + Telehealth World 2015 brings together hospitals, health systems, health plans, and innovators to share successes and failures of existing programs and discuss the future of connected health. Network with experts in the field as you learn valuable strategies to bring success to your organization.


OmniJoin™ Sponsoring the ATA 2015 Annual Conference

OmniJoin will be a sponsor of the 20th annual American Telemedicine Meeting and Trade Show at the los Angeles Convention Center, May 2-5. In response to growing concerns over providing quality care on-demand, reducing costs and being responsive to risk, healthcare organizations are now turning to cloud solutions more than ever before. OmniJoin™ is a secure cloud-based medical video conferencing solution that helps healthcare providers expand their reach, provide quality care on-demand, reduce costs, and increase their efficiency. Our customers can reduce staff and patient travel expenses without sacrificing the quality of patient care. Through our highly-secure public cloud or your own dedicated private cloud, healthcare providers are able to create a telehealth solution that securely enables communication with patients, provide remote care, and conduct online meetings and training sessions in a glitch-free, HD video environment. Visit OmniJoin at booth #1517

“There are two things that make OmniJoin the best web conferencing solution for me. First, the video conferencing quality… Second, the support that I have received from the OmniJoin team has been exceptional. I know that I can count on them when needed."
Michael Southerland
US Marketing Director
Vehicle Protection Plus, LLC
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