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New products of the week

NetworkWorld's roundup of intriguing new products includes Omnijoin Private Cloud: Product name: OmniJoin Private Cloud Key features: On-premises web conferencing product that automatically controls software updates and upgrades and does not require any special hardware for installation or operation.


Brother Launches OmniJoin™ Private Cloud, Secure On-Premise Web Conferencing Solution

Brother International Corporation, a leader in small and mid-sized business technology, today announced the availability of OmniJoin™ Private Cloud, a secure, on-premise web and video conferencing solution that offers all of the benefits of the current OmniJoin™ public cloud service, including superior HD video quality and collaboration tools, but within the customers’ own datacenter. “Businesses frequently share sensitive information over web meetings, such as financials, IP and customer information.” said Bill Henderson, Vice President at Brother International Corporation. “When companies desire to hold these sensitive meetings in a more controlled environment, our Private Cloud will provide them the same level of superior functionality as our public cloud service, but with the control over performance, compliance and administration they desire.” OmniJoin™ Private Cloud provides enhanced security and allows businesses to adhere to their corporate security and compliance standards by utilizing their own network and security certificates to optimize performance and encrypt communications. The solution also automatically controls software updates and upgrades and does not require any special hardware for installation or operation, making implementation and maintenance painless and easy. OmniJoin™ Private Cloud is a great fit for businesses who wish to: Implement a secure conferencing solution without making a large upfront investment in expensive new hardware Helps meet various compliance standards Optimize and control the meeting experience by utilizing their own servers, bandwidth and networks Leverage advanced administration tools to assign multiple administrators, access enterprise level reports and dashboards, implement single sign-on, and provide directory integration A public cloud version of OmniJoin has been available since June 2012 for businesses that are looking for web meetings with superior HD video and advanced collaboration tools. By now offering two versions of the OmniJoin™ service, Brother can provide a variety of web conferencing solutions that are scalable, flexible and affordable for customers. For more information about Brother OmniJoin Private Cloud, please visit Other Web Services from Brother For decades, small office / home office, small and medium sized businesses, and corporate workgroup customers have depended on Brother for high-quality, value-packed business machines. By launching the Brother Online suite of smart, web-based business services, Brother has now expanded beyond simply offering great hardware products. OmniJoin™ web conferencing was the first such major service offering, the Brother Online suite has now added a variety of scanning and workflow solutions, which complement and expand the value of Brother™ scanners, printers, and Multi-Function Center® devices. For more information on Brother Online services, visit About Brother Brother International Corporation is one of the premier providers of products for the home, home office and office. The U.S. corporate office in Bridgewater, NJ, was established on April 21, 1954 and currently markets many industrial products, home appliances and business products manufactured by its parent company, Brother Industries, Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan. These products include an award-winning line of Multi-Function Center® machines and printers. Brother also provides the number-one line of facsimile machines in the U.S. and is the leader in electronic labeling, with its full line of P-touch® Electronic Labeling Systems. For more information you can visit the website at EDITOR’S NOTE: Photography available upon request.


Secure On-Premise Web Conferencing now Possible with OmniJoin Private Cloud

With Web and video conferencing solutions making it to the center page, there is a tussle as companies compete with each other to sell their wares. Brother International Corporation joins the bustle with its OmniJoin Private Cloud, a secure, on-premise conferencing solution that can be implemented without making a large upfront investment in expensive new hardware. OmniJoin public cloud has been available since June 2012 and it claims to have more than met the needs of businesses that were looking for Web meetings with superior HD video and advanced collaboration tools. However, when businesses have to share sensitive financial or customer information at these meetings, privacy and security are at stake. OmniJoin Private Cloud provides the controlled environment required. “Our Private Cloud will provide them the same level of superior functionality as our public cloud service, but with the control over performance, compliance and administration they desire," noted Bill Henderson, vice president at Brother International Corporation. For businesses that need to meet various compliance standards and optimize the meeting experience by using their own servers, bandwidth, networks and security certificates, OmniJoin Private Cloud is a perfect fit. Like its public counterpart, it offers advanced video technology with high quality audio. All Web, VoIP, and video conferencing data is transmitted over encrypted connections with security features. In addition there are extra levels of security for control and compliance if the company chooses to utilize its own servers. In addition to allowing advanced administrator functionality, OmniJoin Private Cloud automatically controls software updates and upgrades. No special hardware is required for installation and operation; hence implementation and maintenance is easy. By now offering two versions of the OmniJoin service, Brother can cater to the needs of a larger section of customers by providing a variety of Web conferencing solutions that are scalable, flexible and affordable for customers.


Top 50 Web Conferencing Blogs of 2014

The writing is on the wall: web conferencing is here to stay. More and more businesses are choosing to split up their teams remotely and choosing to adapt to the way mobile technology is shifting how we all communicate. There's a lot to consider when determining which web conferencing solution works best for your company, but luckily, there are plenty of resources available online that can point you in the right direction. Here are 50 blogs (listed alphabetically) that can shed some better light on what a foray into the world of web conferencing would look like. Brother does more than web conferencing, but their blog definitely dives into relevant industry news when it's necessary. There's a lot of content here, and much worth checking out.


Five Reasons to Use the Private Cloud for Collaboration Apps

Businesses, large and small, are continuing to place their operations and productivity tools in the cloud. Many see the cloud as an opportunity to cut costs associated with hosting their own servers and a way to mobilize corporate information. Those who have taken this approach often find that leveraging the cloud for certain crucial needs can increase business efficiency, thus improving resource allocation. However, placing faith in a public cloud isn't always the right answer for certain business requirements, and today, we are seeing more solutions being offered up in both public and private cloud deployment models. This opens up the argument whether businesses should opt for the private cloud model or continue placing faith in the public cloud. This eWEEK slide show, based on insight from Patrick Charron, assistant product manager at Brother International, looks at several reasons organizations should consider using a private cloud service for business needs, from storing sensitive information to securing communication to meeting compliance requirements.

“There are two things that make OmniJoin the best web conferencing solution for me. First, the video conferencing quality… Second, the support that I have received from the OmniJoin team has been exceptional. I know that I can count on them when needed."
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